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Listener 4758 Tunnel Vision 2 by Chalicea

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 28 Apr 2023

What a great way to commemorate Brunel’s birthday! Like the tunnel itself there’s more to Tunnel Vision 2 than meets the eye, with the message from the across clues leading to another from the down clues, and thence to the depiction of the phenomenon of the rising sun. I think Brunel would have been proud of Tunnel Vision 2’s straight track and carefully-engineered gentle gradient.

As I embarked on Tunnel Vision 2 my mind was fixed on Easter. Having watched the moving Good Friday “Way of the Cross” pageant in the streets of Gloucester, I was half expecting 3 crosses. I finally twigged the theme and belatedly remembered Shirley mentioning the fascinating Box Tunnel feature. I’ve seen where Box Tunnel emerges (I forget at which end) but sadly it’s not possible to look in and test the story – at least, not if you want to live to tell the tale.

On Easter Sunday I glanced back at the puzzle and saw the burst of light within the tunnel. How reminiscent of the empty tomb.

Thanks Shirley for a very enjoyable solve. You have your oenophiles club and I have my gelastic register. The neat way in which you likened today’s toll roads to the turnpikes of yesteryear has secured Tunnel Vision 2 a place on my register. Plus ça change …


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