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‘Tunnel Vision 2’ by Chalicea

Posted by Encota on 28 Apr 2023

My thanks to Chalicea for a delightful, classic Listener puzzle – great fun!

I recall Shirley’s interest in ‘things engineering’ – after all, we did jointly set Fire Alarms as Chen – and in IKB from a previous puzzle or two, so did expect this one to be about Brunel too.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  What with the 9th April being his birthday and the tunnel’s alignment. I’ve little doubt that we’ll be treated to a Setter’s blog in the next couple of days that explains further details.

The ninth letters in the Down clues were well disguised too!  I feel that sometimes such letter-hiding leads to clunky clues but I was impressed with this set.

Plus there were some gentle hints in the surfaces.  Aside from 12a’s TUNNELS, I did like the mention of Engineers in one clue, ‘western way’ in another, ‘a man behind network’ in a third, …

And I would have been very surprised had there not been a mention of alcohol in at least one of her clues, given one of her trains of thought on the Listen With Others blog site!  ‘Scottish drink recipe’ and ‘tot in Armenia’ served up such alcohol well!! Thanks once again to Chalicea – I really enjoyed this one.



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