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Thursday 18/12/2008 – As at today, all historic blogs have been loaded for 2008. However, the following actions remain outstanding:

– Entries for puzzles for March and prior need to be assigned into the correct category (ie Setting or Solving blogs)

– Titles for entries prior to March need to be tidied

– Each solving blog needs to have its author added

– 2007 blog entries to be posted


One Response to “Latest News”

  1. Rob Pinnock (Hedge-sparrow) said

    Dear Ruthrobin,
    Apologies for contacting you in this rather odd way – I couldn’t find any other contact details. I don’t want to force myself on you, but if you were interested in a “blog” for my recent listener crossword “HMS Arcady”, I’d be very happy to provide one. Please feel free to let me know either way at – I won’t be offended if you don’t want one!
    Rob Pinnock (Hedge-sparrow)

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