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L4558: ‘A Moral Story’ by Aedites

Posted by Encota on 28 Jun 2019

A gentle well-constructed puzzle – thanks Aedites.

SCAN0614 copy

There was some tough vocab, of course, but with Chambers by my side that was fine.  I fell for the RHINE/RHEIN trap at 14ac initially, even with the big ‘hint of Cologne’.  And I had a less savoury alternative at 5d which I thankfully quickly discounted.

The added letter per clue meant that the Title of THE WATER BABIES – A FAIRY TALE FOR A LAND BABY appeared fairly quickly.  The K of KINGSLEY on the leading diagonal helped me confirm DAK as Indian mail, which was new to me, as part of the wordplay for 10d’s KNEAD.

And if I had a pound for every time I forget and re-discover ENS as meaning existence (33a) … I’d have about seven pounds 🙂


Tim / Encota

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Listener No 4558: A Moral Story by Aedites

Posted by Dave Hennings on 28 Jun 2019

Last year, Aedites had entries acting as though they were on a Möbius Strip, dropping off one side of the grid and appearing diagonally opposite. Before that, Hamlet and before that, American states. Fair to say then that Aedites gets around a bit. This week we were back in literary mode.

Extra letters in wordplay will spell out the title of a book with the perimeter being filled with five characters from it. No difficulty here, with the book quickly being identified as The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley, he of Westward Ho! fame. I have forgotten if I ever read the book, but if I did, the full title was news to me: The Water Babies, A Fairy Tale for a Land-baby, although which words, if any, were to be hyphenated or the comma colon-ised was difficult to discern from the interweb.

With KINGSLEY to be highlighted in the leading NW–SE diagonal, all that remained was for the perimeter to be completed: MRS BEDONEBYASYOUDID (you’d have thought she’d have hyphenated her name a bit), MOTHER CAREY, ELLIE, GRIMES and TOM. Sadly, Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby (also unhyphenated) couldn’t make it this week.

All in all, a fairly easy one. Thanks, Aedites.

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