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Listener No 4596: CRNT by Twin

Posted by Dave Hennings on 20 Mar 2020

This was Twin’s fourth Listener outing, following on from Agatha Christie’s Orient Express, Doctor Who’s Tardis and, only four months ago, Connect-4.

Five clues consisted of wordplay only leading to thematic two-word answers that had to be disguised before entry. That in itself sounded intriguing. The extra letters in the wordplay in the remaining clues would give an instruction that had to be followed.

Great fun here with Spiderman and Iron Man giving the game away without too much difficulty. I needed to google for the names of the Flash and Iron Man, but (sadly?) I knew the others.

Flash Barry Allen (among others)
Spiderman Peter Parker
Iron Man Tony Stark
Batman Bruce Wayne
Robin Dick Grayson

That just left the instruction to be revealed as Highlight Kal-El in red and thirty three cells in yellow. E voilà, ClaRk keNT’s Superman logo.

Thanks for a super (pun intended) puzzle, Twin.

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L4596: CRNT by Twin

Posted by Encota on 20 Mar 2020

This was a visually attractive and nicely created grid! Thanks Twin!

I found this a gentle puzzle, which is always a fun feature of The Listener where, apart from the Setter’s pseudonym, one is given very little advance warning of the level of difficulty that is in store.

I learnt a new word at 6ac in WOOPIE, so thanks for that – and for something to aspire to!

The five ‘alter ego’ clues were well disguised, I felt. My knowledge of such characters is fairly low (I love the wit of Deadpool, having said that!), though I did surprise myself remembering Kal-El.

Oh, and the Title? C(la)R(kke)NT seems to explain it!

Thanks once again to Twin for an enjoyable puzzle.

Tim / Encota

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