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Dos by Awinger

Posted by shirleycurran on 21 May 2021

Our initial grid

I look on Dave Hennings’ Crossword Database and see that this is Awinger’s third Listener crossword. His first was that astonishing one where all the US states were included in the grid and the second was a rather British one where cup wins were counted.

‘Dos’ – that suggests notes or parties. If it’s parties, there will be sure to be some alcohol flowing, so Awinger is likely to remain in the Listener Setters’ Superior Oenophile Setup – but I check anyway, and sure enough, there’s ‘Porter perhaps, a busy individual 4)’. We decide that there is an R omitted from the wordplay, since the busy fellow is a BEE and we enter BEER – and we even keep the BEER in the endgame when those parties have done a change of venue in another rather British theme (but why not – we had Republicans and Democrats not so long ago didn’t we). So “Cheers”, Awinger.

Three quarters of our grid fill with ease and my highlighted letters are soon spelling out PARTIES and SELECTION. That ‘Balkan instrument essential for playing us lullabies (5)’ is a ‘hidden’ clue and leaves us wondering initially whether to insert GUSLI, GUSLE or GUSLA but the PARTIES resolve that, and we enter the I (and, of course, keep the parties going with music and alcohol when we change the GUSLI to a GUSLA at the end).

Finding that empty cell held us up for a while, until we realised that the two entries that were shorter than the grid entry length were pointing at the same empty cell and that ‘Badger that is picked up (5)’ produced “TEASE” heard as TEAS, so clearly our ‘Choosing’ in 31d ‘Choosing money in e-journal, saving lira (6)’ was VOTING (TIN in V[l]OG) and with a full grid, found the parties we had to choose from and put our X in that cell.

How brilliant of Awinger to have created a grid where the four parties could change places, still creating real words and with the grid remaining symmetrical. We particularly enjoyed this as it had no jumbles or clue gimmick – everything was in the grid. That was a masterful achievement. Many thanks to Awinger.

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Listener No 4657: Dos by Awinger

Posted by Dave Hennings on 21 May 2021

Awinger’s third Listener this week, the last being a celebration of Wigan’s one and only FA Cup win back in 2013. This year’s final will have been held the week before this blog appears. [Spoiler alert: Leicester City will have won it. Ed.] Football not being my thing, I was pleased to see that we had a puzzle based around the old Microsoft Operating System.

About half the clues had wordplay omitting one letter of the answer and these would give two words. Four examples of one would reveal the outcome of a hypothetical example of the other. Luckily the clues were fairly straightforward. A few of the acrosses followed by several downs enabled the top of the grid to fill out quickly. MINICABS and EVENTUATED then snuck down and into the bottom left corner and from there across the bottom.

Of course, things didn’t go quite as quickly as that sounded but you get my drift. 27ac Balkan instrument essential for playing us lullabies (5) for which the wordplay was (playin)G US L(ullabies) was ambiguous since the answer could be GUSLA, GUSLE or GUSLI. I assumed the endgame would resolve it. 9dn Missing second half of pictures, that’s scary (6, two words) took a bit of time for me to determine — (pho)TOS + EEK. I particularly liked the surface reading of 45ac Aussie nuts just as much eaten by Poles (5) for NANAS. That just left the empty cell to fill in the bottom left where TEAS crossed MIENS.

The non-wordplayed cells revealed PARTIES (that resolved GUSLI) and ELECTION. It didn’t take long to identify GREENS, LABOUR, LIBDEM and TORIES in the grid, and only a little longer to see which way round all the replacements needed to be. Putting a neat X in the empty cell to give TEXAS and MIXENS finished things off, although the grid didn’t happen to reflect how I wished the political landscape in the UK to be. And it should be noted that it was very much an English landscape!

And such a shame that we weren’t dealing with the heady old days of Microsoft DOS!

Thanks for an impartial political puzzle, Awinger.

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