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L4726: ‘Red Applause’ by Crash

Posted by Encota on 16 Sep 2022

What a brilliant subject for a Listener. We stayed in the Reykjavik hotel just a few years back where the US team were based throughout the 1972 Fischer-Spassky tournament. They had one of the actual game tables there (see attached), which was designed especially for the event – several were made for use during the (up to) 24-game tournament.

It’s reported, of course, that when Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky in this game (game 6), Boris stood and joined with the audience in applauding Bobby’s play. This was the game in which Fischer moved ahead for the first time in the tournament, which he maintained until reaching the required 12.5 points by game 21. For those too young to remember, this was in the middle of the Cold War and the tournament itself seemed to symbolise – in the eyes of many in the media, at least – the battle between the USA and the USSR. Hence Crash’s excellent choice of Title.

And here’s my draft grid before the final erasures and before Fischer’s final Qf4!!! move:

I suspect I wasn’t the only solver trying to shoehorn RED CORAL into 31a: this held me up in the SE corner for a while, until I spotted UNAU as the Native of Peru in 32d. Also, given my interest in the subject, I was faintly embarrassed how long it took me to spot what the theme actually was. So it goes.

Tim / Encota


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L4725: ‘Carte Blanche’ by Piccadilly

Posted by Encota on 9 Sep 2022

Great fun! I always love it when a Numerical appears by Piccadilly. The puzzles entitled ‘The Properties Of Numbers’ in earlier Listeners were an absolute delight – perhaps my favourite ever numericals – so this puzzle immediately got my interest.

As ever it needed careful concentration throughout to avoid any simple mistakes creeping in. But there was enough cross-checking to ensure (I hope!) an error-free gridfill. Here is my effort.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


Tim / Encota

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‘Unruly Characters’ by Somniloquist

Posted by Encota on 15 Jul 2022

Please see others’ posts for more detailed analysis! My offering this week:

Book’s morbid twist was surprising (2,4,3,5)

BTW, did anyone else seriously consider sending in only the cinders from L4717 in to The Marker?
Just asking 😉


Tim / Encota

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L4702 ‘Tunnel Vision’ by Chalicea

Posted by Encota on 1 Apr 2022

I’m having a little trouble uploading the grid for today’s puzzle. So it goes.

I loved the theme and its treatment in Chalicea’s puzzle. How many of us can remember our children (or nephews & nieces, or whoever) joining in with the BUT HE WAS STILL HUNGRY ‘chorus’?

And with Easter fast approaching, it was good to see so many EGGs in the grid 😉
I went for the one provided by Eggman left-to-right in the bottom row.

Great fun – thanks Chalicea!

Tim / Encota

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L4694: ‘Follow the Directions Again’ by Artix

Posted by Encota on 4 Feb 2022

With a Title like that, one might expect, in the endgame, to have to drive a route around the grid using N, S, E & W as turning points in a Manhattan-style grid. Maybe it has a New York theme?

Or perhaps, with Direction in the Title, it is about films? After all, the circled letters can be jumbled to make OSCARS. It must be about a film that won loads of Oscars. Hmm.

Hold on a moment! Isn’t that the Twitter-craze, based on the old peg-game Mastermind, hiding in the grid? Nice touch using the word TERM to show where it finishes.

You know the one, Bickle I think it is named, where right letters in the right place get coloured Green and right letters in the wrong place get coloured Yellow. Or was it Black & White, I forget. So that means we might have a Black in one and a Yellow in another. Aren’t they the colour of taxis in different major cities? I’m confused 😉


Tim / Encota

PS More seriously, what a great puzzle! Many thanks to Artix

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