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‘Influence’ by The Tall’n

Posted by Encota on 12 May 2017

Firstly thanks to The Tall’n for an interesting and not too taxing puzzle.

I struck lucky with this one, as the first three I solved meant that one thematic entry had to be _ _ _ _ I O P _ .  This looked suspiciously like CALLIOPE, so that seemed to make nine of the thematic clues guessable  – i.e. the Nine Muses – but didn’t explain the other four.  And though I’d like to say I know all nine, it does seem to be one of those things I can never completely recall.  There’s a Renault in there of course (CLIO), and perhaps a word from one of those Latin squares (ERATO) but I did have to investiGoogle the last three.

With a few more solved it was clear that the themed items spelt out GRACE, MUSE & FATE.  Clearly the three Fates would be there: CLOTHO, LACHESIS & ATROPOS (birth, death and taxes) and the three Furies – AGLAEA (or in this case AGLAIA), EUPHROSYNE & THALIA (for Splendour, Mirth & Good Cheer).  But 9+3+3 = 15 and there’s only 13 Thematic clues, so the two missing ones must be THALIA (twice).

There were still, when I started writing this, two I hadn’t fully parsed.  One was the thematic:

  Prince receives unusual heroic genre (9, two words), with the sixth letter is E

My train of thought went like this…
The answer has to be something synonymous with Epic Poetry, if I haven’t got my Greek sisters muddled up, though I cannot see what it is!  Is it {P RECEIVES}* but I’ve missed it?  D’oh, it’s EPIC VERSE, isn’t it!

And 32d, which was the last I solved:

Jock’s sigh lacks sibilance as an expression of distaste (3)

The answer was already UGH – but I couldn’t get the wordplay!  Eventually I found SOUGH as a Scottish word meaning to sigh. So ‘sibilance’ was the word to be deleted before solving, and then ‘as’ (SO) had to be removed from it, i.e. (so)UGH.  Simple, eh?

And finally a new meaning, for me at least, came from the first thematic clue:  DAY also means ‘the ground surface at a mine’.  I wonder if I’ll remember that when it appears in a few years’ time?

cheers all,

Tim / Encota

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