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Joint Wisdom by Rok

Posted by shirleycurran on 2 October 2009

An intriguing title; a work of art, co-creators and joint wisdom. Was the junior 8X8 easy clues coffee-break team up against Confucius, or Rembrandt or some sort of drug dream this week – Kubla Khan? After a late start, solving was speedy and we soon had a completed grid with no major doubts, but with our usual hesitation about the word play of a number of clues.

We are becoming used to the ‘corrected misprints’ providing the extra letters so this one almost led us into errors regarding the ‘additional confirmation of the theme’. However, we eventually sorted out OYFKDLPNI. One doesn’t have to gaze at that for very long to see PINK FLOYD emerge! With five ‘further words’ to be inserted after THE below the grid, it could only be THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

Our 8X8 red herring? Of course we had one. Drawing three lines through the names of the co-creators wasn’t as easy as it should have been, since MASON and GILMOUR were obviously suggested on the third line up from the bottom but a very wiggly line came down from WRIGHT and it seemed to suggest ROSS going down from the apex to the right. Diana Ross did have something to do with Pink Floyd according to the Internet (did she really?) – but it ought to be WATERS or BARRETT – Aaah!

Then there was the vexed question of Indigo. The white light going into the iconic prism of the Dark Side of the Moon cover was clearly there in 18ac and that slightly unusual Pink Floyd version of the The Dark Side of the Moon cruciverballyoptical spectrum on the other side. Were Pink Floyd in the 90% of us who are supposed to be unable to perceive indigo? We remembered something about ‘Richard of York giving battle in vain’ and our friend remembered something about ‘virgins in bed …’ (clearly their spectrum was the other way up, but the rest is censored!) Well, obviously, Rok had to do it the way it was on the original, and so did we and while Mr Science muttered about the queer version of a prism that appeared on the back cover of the original record, I had the pleasure of getting the coloured pencils out again.

Yes, we had realized that tracks from the album were indicated by the extra letters in the wordplay and some of them were evident, but, with our usual backward logic, we had to go from the solutions to the clues to find ‘Speak to me’, ‘Time’, ‘Money’, ‘Us and Them’ and ‘Brain Damage’ (Was that brain damage the result of the joint wisdom or was the title more subtle than that?)

As usual we resorted to our able friend for help and learned that ERK (17ac One who tightens or adjusts propeller; an aircraftsman) was the aircraftsman who accompanied the SCREW of SCREWER, that ORE was an alternative spelling of O’ER in 15ac, that SRIS are Indian gentlemen in 5 down’s CHOWRIS (They are used to keep flies away from food and Indian gentlemen). What a fine clue! I wasn’t particularly fond of 22d (An ill-educated person; one travels round about North Arkansas). If we got it right, this was I GO with A for about and NAR for North Arkansas – rather laboured (Please Denis, tell us how we should have understood this!)

We are not Pink Floyd experts but we got there with less of a struggle than usual. I can imagine Message Board gurus in three weeks’ time telling us it was too easy, and questioning the work’s validity as ‘a work of art’. It was certainly a work of cruciverbalism. Thank you Rok.

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