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L4628: ‘Keyworker’ by Harpy

Posted by Encota on 30 Oct 2020

A clever change in direction in today’s puzzle from Harpy. The leading diagonal plus 2×2 square at its end, start off reading FELONIOUS MONK. And the misprints per clue start off reading GREGORI RASPUTIN.

However … swap the contents of the first cell to read TH and it now reads THELONIUS MONK, the jazz blues (I think!) pianist. So we now need to find three of his songs:

  • The first, using the 2×2 square highlighted in Blue, depicts BLUE MONK
  • The second, by drawing a circle in the bottom left quadrant, could be said to describe ROUND MIDNIGHT
  • And the third uses the rest of the misprints, that spell out an extra clue, ORCHESTRATING HAS MESSED UP A TUNE OF HIS. An anagram of {ORCHESTRATING HAS} finds STRAIGHT NO CHASER! Looking at 5a’s STRAIGHT and then erase CHASER at 13d – and this can be said to depict this song

The final change expands the ‘square’ MONK to become a circle, which might be said to depict a SPHERE, his middle name.

And the Title’s pretty good for a pianist during ‘Covid season’ too. Is that three Covid-related titles we’ve had now?


Tim / Encota


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Listener No 4628: Keyworker by Harpy

Posted by Dave Hennings on 30 Oct 2020

The last Harpy Listener was back in 2016 with AE Housman’s A Shropshire Lad as its theme. That said, Inquisitor no. 1666 last month was by Harpy all about the Great Fire of MDCLVI. This week, every clue contained a misprint somewhere, not necessarily in the definition. Some don’t like these, but I do. Lots going on in the endgame, with only a circle requiring to be drawn (I hoped).

5ac STRAIGHT, 11ac RELY and 12ac AIRBUS got the top of the grid off to a flying start. 1ac Cheeky sappers displacing first person in line, for instance (5) would have to wait for a few minutes although FRESH seemed likely; the misprint would be line for ling resulting in FISH with RE for I.

Giving the downs a go, I got 2 RENT, 3 ELLIS (even though I didn’t know E Bronte’s pseudonym was Ellis Bell), 7 AUKLETS and 9 HOOT. 15ac WORKSHOP and 13dn CHASER enabled most of the top to be finished fairly quickly. The famous person revealed by the misprints started Grig… which had me baffled.

Slowly but surely, I worked my way down the grid and eventually uncovered Grigori Rasputin, not that I could see why he should be a “Keyworker”. The cryptic clue would have to wait until the grid was complete, but not before some fun clues were solved, including:

31ac Clothing of unhip punk was revolting (6) — U(nhi)P + ROSE (pink). 35dn Ford’s audit is including annual return (5) — INC + AR (definition Ford’s audio is). And show me the way to the Garlic festival mentioned in 21dn!

The cryptic clue revealed at the end was Orchestrating has messed up a tune of his but the preamble had us carry out some fiddly changes first. It didn’t take long to see FELONIOUS MONK running NW–SE to describe the devillish Russian, and even less time to identify the true thematic subject, THELONIOUS MONK, the American jazz pianist. Memory is probably not serving me well, but I’m sure I saw him on BBC tv over 50 years ago on Not Only… But Also…, the programme made famous by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. (The interweb fails to confirm this.)

Anyway, flipping the F to TH made new words THRESH and THRILLS. A quick google revealed the three compositions we needed to identify as Round MIDNIGHT (to be circled in the lower left), Blue MONK requiring the block of four to be coloured accordingly, and STRAIGHT, No CHASER requiring CHASER at 13dn to be erased. This was the answer to the cryptic clue, an anagram of orchestrating has. Finally, expanding the blue colouring of MONK enabled his middle name, Sphere, to be represented.

Thanks for a fun puzzle, Harpy.

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