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An Exchange of Letters by Harribobs

Posted by shirleycurran on 13 Apr 2018

We appreciate a short preamble and Harribobs gave us one with very little to worry us: a word to highlight in the final grid that was the final word of a quotation that would appear when we had changed just one letter in each word that we entered (quite a challenge for a setter!) Fortunately we were also going to identify the source of the quotation by finding a misprint in every across clue and all the final words in our grid were going to be real words. That left us the down clues with no disturbing gimmick. We got down to solving.

Of course, I found the evidence that Harribobs retains his place in the Listener Setters’ Tippling Club and he gave us ‘Whisky and soda recipe is used in prank in Hull (7)’ We decided that the R (recipe) had to go into the whisky and soda STINGER to give us a STRINGER or a reinforcing plank in a ship’s hull, thus producing an L of our quotation’s source at the same time. That was all the alcohol there was in Harribobs’ compilation – but it was enough. Cheers Harribobs!

We solved steadily with some struggles. Does a WEE TEST really exist? I doubt it, but it made us smile and, of course, ‘In parts extremely soaked … (7)’ gave us the dialect form of ‘wettest’. LUREX had us struggling too though we were obviously looking for ‘Those who Etch (not Itch) wearing some light cloth (5)’ That U went in as our very last letter when we realized that the RE were ‘formerly the Royal Society of Etchers and Engravers’ (according to the Big Red Book) and that they were surrounded ny LUX (some light).

Fortunately it was that part of our grid that filled the fastest and we very soon had HENRY W LONGFELLOW. Of course I went to the ODQ to see if the letters we already had would give me that all-important quotation – but it was not to be (though I did find something about four and a half bees!) We needed a poem about K????OS and vainly searched for a Longfellow interest in KNOSSOS. Oh those Listener red herrings!

Happily, PISIFORM appeared and gave us an R misprint in the clue (caRpus, not caMpus) and that was all we needed to find KERAMOS and our quotation “All things must change to something new, something STRANGE”.

We had to be very systematic about changing one letter in each clue to the one provided by the quotation. I wonder how long it took Harribobs to create this grid with that device in it! There were pitfalls for the unwary; it would be so easy to put SNITS and TIRL in that bottom left-hand corner, thus changing two letters of SNAGS. I wonder if any solver did! Many thanks, Harribobs.

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‘Bank Transfer’ by Calmac

Posted by Encota on 2 Jun 2017

I hear faint rumours that there are a few solvers that were fooled into thinking this Title described a bridge, namely (I understand) the Ponte Vecchio di Firenze, described in the poet H.W.Longfellow’s English-Italian translation, with the original apparently created/built by Taddeo Gaddi.  They even thought that 18ac’s answer ARNO referred to an account of the current flowing beneath it 🙂

However, with the title ‘Bank Transfer’ actually referring to financials, more specifically ‘the numbers’, this puzzle was actually a glorified Wordsearch where solvers had to find numbers hidden in the grid [Are you quite sure?  Ed.].  Most were hidden straightforwardly but two overlapped (as an added piece of difficulty), and one even started at the bottom of the grid and wrapped back around to the top.  Sneaky, eh?  If I’ve got it right then there were five to find (see grid below):

2017-05-13 12.41.28

There are other folk that suggest that I must have gone slightly doolally, trying to invent a more difficult puzzle than the one in front of me.  Some have even quietly said that I am definitely seeing things when I suggested there’s a famous crossword editor hiding in Column 2, too.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Cheers all,

Tim / Encota

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