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‘Quiet Guests’ by Schadenfreude

Posted by Encota on 26 Jan 2018

Welcome to the first solution & comments to a 2018 Listener Crossword …

A super puzzle to start 2018 with – many thanks Schadenfreude!  As ever with puzzles from one of the very best, there was some clue accuracy that I can only sit back and admire.  A couple of examples:

A group of [micro-organisms] put in to stop antibody (6)

Here I particularly liked the use of ‘group of‘ to define G, as in G8 = Group of 8 etc.  So this parsed as A G in REIN (stop) to give REAGIN.  [Note: the word in square brackets was removed before solving as per the puzzle’s Preamble]

Pompous [Quaker] possesses at least two-thirds of an acre (6)

It was the definition here – for BIGHAS – that I liked.  BIGHA is defined in Chambers as having quite a wide range of different areas.  The smallest of them is one third of an acre, so BIGHAS – i.e. presumably at least two of them – must be at least two-thirds of an acre.  Delightful.

2018-01-07 14.34.54

In the one cell that featured the George’s Bush, both 41 and 43 had to be ‘entered in thematic order’.  In practice that only appears to require a comma after the 41 to indicate their order – I hope I am not missing something here!

And the Title?  Quiet Guests = P + RESIDENTS.  Now if only I had spotted that before finishing the whole puzzle.  D’oh!

Cheers all,

Tim / Encota

PS If one was to create a Scoring System for Thematic Puzzles, what might you use to build up the Total score?  I’m currently experimenting with six, each marked out of 10:
Grid; Theme; PDM; Gimmick; Clues; Fun.  Do any of you already do similar?  If yes, I’d be grateful if you’d share with me via the Comments on this site.

Two or three of us compared notes at The Magpie party (many thanks Mark and friends!) very recently and were using very similar.  Thanks to Artix for suggesting the last one – I had been using ‘Overall’ – but that’s far more direct and Fun was exactly what I meant!

I’m not yet brave enough to share my marks per puzzle here – perhaps I’ll start later in the year once it’s clearer that these dimensions are working!


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Quiet Guests by Schadenfreude

Posted by shirleycurran on 26 Jan 2018

“First of the year – they’ll have given us a gentle romp to encourage as many solvers as possible.” Blithely, I downloaded … Schadenfreude! Oh no! Sure to be impeccably set and rich in theme and fulfilling but also sure to keep us solving for some time (and it was almost midnight when we finished!) When we had solved barely three clues after almost an hour of solving, I was saying “There goes our hope of a 2018 ‘all correct’!” Fortunately things speeded up once we had had that lovely penny-drop moment and the theme emerged (as, of course, it should have done when we saw those P RESIDENTS of the title).

Yes, I had checked Schadenfreude’s continued right to membership of the Listener Setters’ Tipplers Outfit and his clues left me in no doubt. ‘Tipsy cake for Irish broadcaster (5)’ gave TO RTE . Soon after that came ‘Stop and rob drunken sailor (5)’ which gave us HIGH JACK (producing the JACK of JACKSON – but this was our very last solution, when we had worked our way through the SEQUENCE OF PRIME NUMBERS to find fourteen US Presidents and entered all the others).

There was an entire keg produced by ‘Keg Charlie found in Spanish Harlem café perhaps (7)’ C in BARRIO giving BARRICO, so ‘Cheers, Schadenfreude, hope to see you in Paris.

It was when we spotted that INRUSH (‘Influx ruins refurbished hotel’ – RUINS* + H) produced three extra letters USH, that coincided with the B or BURNING (‘Ardent poet out of sun on northern meadow’ BURNS less S on ING) giving BUSH, that we realized that our quiet guests were to be P RESIDENTS. At first we felt that there were rather a lot of presidents. Wiki tells me that there are 45 (though I imagine this crossword was submitted before the arrival of Mr Trump). Fortunately that message about prime numbers was emerging and, in a second p.d.m. we understood that Schadenfreude, with typical aplomb, had limited the selection to fourteen and that we needed to insert their numbers in the place of those names.

From then on, we were almost back-solving. Jefferson had to appear so we needed a word with JEFF in it and JEFFING (no longer gambling) obliged at 10d, neatly tying in with BAR-PERSON at 7ac. and so on. We could only admire the skill with which those fourteen were fitted symmetrically into the grid (and, of course, when we spotted the symmetry, we knew where to look for our last few presidents) and those difficult names combined into subtle and tough clues. This was the work of a master. Many thanks to Schadenfreude.

Entombed hare

No, I am not going to mention Poat’s HARE – he was dead and buried last year and was curled up in a little hare tomb in the bottom right-hand corner of Schadenfreude’s grid (Thought you had sent him off on his holidays. Ed.)

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