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‘A Little Ray Of Sunshine’ by Jago

Posted by Encota on 19 Jan 2018

That technique of hiding famous people’s initials as the consonants of your name?  That gives J(a)G(o) and so JG.  Singers of a famous rainbow-based song with initials JG?

Hmm?  John Gummer?  John Green?  No, no, Toby, try again …

Singers of a famous ‘rainbow-inspired’ song?

  • Rainbow with ‘Catch the Rainbow’?
  • Something from the quite brilliant Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’, perhaps?  ‘JiGsaw falling into place’??

Nope. Can’t get it.

I loved George’s comment elsewhere: I’m not even sure I’d know if I had an Indigo pencil!  Here’s my off-blue attempt:

2017-12-30 13.43.24 copy




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