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Listener 4675 Called to Order by Vismut

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 4 Oct 2021

Wonderful! I very much enjoyed this perfectly pitched puzzle with its theme that is well suited to crosswords and indeed to all kinds of cryptic conundrums. It evoked good memories of a talk on the mathematics of change-ringing given by another setter, Aedites (Peter Covey-Crump) – it must be 10 or more years ago. I confess I can’t remember the ins and outs but have probably got the notes somewhere!

How refreshing to learn so many fascinating terms – Exploding Tittums – you couldn’t make it up! My brother-in-law and one of his (now grown-up) children ring regularly at their church in Cheshire so now I’ll be able to speak the language. Thank you Vismut for this most enjoyable romp through the world of campanology and for exercising our grey cells with a decoding exercise thrown in for good measure. And for a smile at19dn, with its inappropriate topless beachwear – exquisite!

Then there was the inspired link to Bowie and an earworm that stayed with me for several days, also evoking happy memories. of younger days. A delight all round:-).


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