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An Overt by Awinger

Posted by shirleycurran on 6 May 2022

As I write, I realize that I still haven’t understood Awinger’s title ‘An Overt’. However, the other title emerged when we realized that BOOBOO, YOGI, FOZZIE and BIFFO, all bears and all in clues with wordplay only, were giving a homonym for BARE, and NEEDS, MUSTS, FATES and COMPULSIONS were all synonyms of NECESSITIES. We didn’t need to play the song to remember that we had to ‘forget about YOUR WORRIES and YOUR STRIFE’ Those letters had been removed from ten across clues and eleven down clues as we went along.

Our grid needed a letter change but JUNGLE BOOK then crossed the centre column and with just three Ks in the grid, KIPLING wasn’t difficult to spot, prompting us to look diagonally for BALOO, and, of course, MOWGLI completed the picture. Well, not quite! There was a perpendicular article of three letters still to find and THE was our last highlighting.

A fine, relatively gentle solve with plenty going on and an entertaining theme, amusingy handled. Have I forgotten something? Oh yes, does Awinger retain his membership of the Listener Setters’ Oenophile Elite? Well after his first superb crossword of three years ago when he managed to include all but one of the US states, he could hardly be ejected, so I scan the clues and find ‘Shift concentration of course of brewing (7)’ We had removed an O from that clue to give a ‘brewed’ or anagrammed CURSE OF = REFOCUS. Curse of brewing? That’s slightly ominous. There are a couple of TTs in the clues too. We had to remove the second and third time (TT) ‘Most obese giving up second and third time (5)’ (FATTEST losing TT = FATES) and ‘Infant rejecting half dry cotton sheet (4)’ gave us half of BA(by) and that TT = dry to make BATT. Well, cheers, anyway, Awinger.


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