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Listener 4526: ‘Quads III’ by Shark

Posted by Encota on 16 Nov 2018

One of my favourite types of puzzle is the sort where you first solve a cryptic crossword and then have some clever dissection to carry out.  And Shark has certainly delivered here!  Being serious for a moment – I loved this puzzle!


In fact, I was so impressed by this one by Shark that I simply couldn’t resist building a set of coffee tables to match his clever dissection of a square.  It has only taken me two to three hundred hours but, with a puzzle such as this, it is entirely worth the investment.


The biggest clue was clearly in the Title: Quads III.  This definitely hints at something to do with 4 and something to do with 3 – but what?

Of course, with a clue as big as this I couldn’t go wrong – clearly it is based on that dissection of a square into an equilateral triangle.


So I started by selecting the wood.  After that, and having cut all pieces to size, judicious ‘screwing and glueing’ was required (is there any other way with decent woodwork, I hear you ask?).

It only took four coats of varnish – forgive me, I was skimping this time, I know – so only ten days later I had the completed article.

Here it is in Quads (III) form …


And here it is rearranged in the other – (Quads) III – formation …


Now some people might be thinking, “However good the puzzle, surely you can’t have time to spend on re-creating it in furniture?”  Well, I feel if a puzzle is this good then it is definitely worth celebrating and well worth the effort!


Thank goodness I solved the puzzle correctly, otherwise I’d look a right idiot, wouldn’t I?

Cheers all,

Tim / Encota




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