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Listener 4722   More by Hunter by Aedites

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 22 Aug 2022

I was pleased to see that L4722 was one of Aedites’, as I strove to complete it during my stay with friends in Colombia, where the postal system for letters is to all intents and purposes non-existent, and where the wifi was at times distinctly patchy. Fortunately, my judgement of its solvability was proved right – even without my online Chambers, I managed to complete it without recourse to phoning my mathematician husband, although I did use Wiki when I could get online to remind myself what the Hardy/ Ramanujan story was all about. That said, it was no pushover and I loved the way the numbers emerged.

I enjoyed More by Hunter / Number Theory. I liked the 3 different methods of solving/entering the answers, and I smiled at 29ac ASPIRE which I thought was a neat use of I Have a Dream. I also smiled at the way Peter snuck in his wife’s name and the reference to ninepins, which, under the name of skittles, is a popular local game. Thanks Aedites


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